Terms & Conditions


    1.1. The E-commerce Domain is: https://izihelp.com/

    The IZIHELP E-commerce website is developed by Firefly Innovative Co., Ltd. with the domain name: https://izihelp.com/.

    1.2. Business Address: https://izihelp.com/ 

    Apart from the aforementioned address, the IZIHELP E-commerce website does not have any other business addresses.

    1.3. Scope of Operations of the E-Commerce Website:

    Providing customer support and assistance tools



    14-day Trial Registration

    Customers must provide accurate personal information, including full name, phone number, and email, when registering for a 14-day IZIHELP trial.

    IZIHELP will contact the registered individuals and organizations to confirm their needs and create trial accounts.

    Upon receiving the account, individuals or authorized representatives must change the password immediately upon login. IZIHELP does not guarantee any damages incurred by users resulting from their failure to secure their passwords.



    3.1. For Customers

    3.1.1. Customer Rights

    Individuals and organizations will be granted a personal account and password for service usage. Individuals or organizations that register to use the service will be deemed the account owners and subject to the entirety of the terms of service.

    Individuals and organizations will be provided with detailed instructions on using the service. In the event of any technical errors related to the service during usage, please notify us at support@izihelp.com. IZIHELP will rectify the error as soon as possible. However, IZIHELP is not responsible for resolving errors arising from transmission, software, or other errors not caused by IZIHELP.

    Individuals and organizations have the right to discontinue using the service without notifying IZIHELP. However, IZIHELP will not provide refunds for the remaining paid period.

    3.1.2. Customer Obligations

    Individuals and organizations are solely responsible for the security, retention, and all activities carried out under their registered name, password, and email.

    Individuals and organizations are fully responsible for the authenticity of the provided advertising information.

    Individuals and organizations are prohibited from using the service for purposes that disrupt social order, undermine national security, harm cultural traditions, or engage in illegal business practices.

    Individuals and organizations must comply with intellectual property and copyright regulations as stipulated by law.

    Individuals and organizations agree not to modify, alter, copy, disseminate, distribute, provide, or create similar tools to the IZIHELP service for any third party without the consent of Firefly Innovative Co., Ltd.

    Any violation of the terms of use will result in the immediate termination of service provision by IZIHELP.

    3.2. For IZIHELP

    3.2.1. IZIHELP Rights

    IZIHELP has the right to modify or terminate the Service for any reason without prior notice.

    IZIHELP has the right to refuse to provide the service to any individual or organization for any reason.

    IZIHELP has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services to individuals or organizations in cases where there is evidence that individuals or organizations provide inaccurate, incomplete, or law-violating information, ethics, or Vietnamese cultural traditions.

    IZIHELP does not guarantee exclusive service provision to any individual or organization.

    For services provided by third-party partners, IZIHELP is not responsible if they change fees or suspend their service provision.

    For the third-party partners of individuals or organizations, IZIHELP will provide support for connection if possible. However, IZIHELP does not guarantee or assume any responsibility related to this partner.

    3.2.2. IZIHELP Obligations

    Promptly resolve complaints from individuals or organizations regarding service quality within the scope of responsibility and issues related to IZIHelp system errors.

    Responsible for guiding individuals and organizations to correctly implement service exploitation procedures and comply with current legal regulations.

    Ensure the legality and validity of each program or service provided and comply with relevant legal provisions during the implementation of programs or services.

    Take responsibility for notifying and advising individuals and organizations on legal issues related to the service.



    Service fees are paid for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year in advance before activating the account.

    During usage, individuals or organizations must pay the service usage fees before the expiration date. After the expiration date, the system will be suspended if the customer has not made a payment.

    Payment method: bank transfer
    Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam)


    Account number: 99.1867970.99


    Account activation time: from 9:00 to 18:00, from Monday to Friday weekly

    In the case of requesting a financial invoice, the customer provides the following information:
    For individuals: Full name, Phone number, Billing address
    For organizations: Company name, Company address, Tax identification number
    Recipient information for the invoice

    Within one business week, individuals and organizations will receive the invoice by postal mail.



    IZIHELP is not permitted to copy, transfer, or provide third parties with any materials or databases related to individuals or organizations without prior written consent.

    IZIHELP commits that the use of its services by individuals or organizations does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party. In the event that a claim is made stating that the use by individuals/organizations violates IP rights, IZIHELP will promptly and reasonably address any related complaints at its own expense to ensure the rights of individuals/organizations as committed.



    6.1. Purpose and scope of information collection:

    IZIHELP commits not to sell, share, or exchange personal information of individuals, organizations, or their customers collected from the system with any other third party.

    Scope of information usage:

    IZIHELP only uses the information of individuals or organizations when registering an account to confirm needs, notify promotional programs, provide certain utilities, improve the quality of customer support services, prevent activities that violate Vietnamese laws, etc.

    6.2. Information storage:

    IZIHELP owns the storage of data, databases, and all rights related to the IZIHELP system. However, IZIHELP commits not to utilize the rights of that data or use the data for business advantage or competition with individuals or organizations.

    6.3. Commitment to customer personal information security:

    IZIHELP commits not to sell, exchange, or share information that leads to the disclosure of customer information by individuals or organizations for commercial purposes, violating the commitments set forth in the Customer Information Security Policy.

    IZIHELP will not share the customer information of individuals or organizations except in specific cases as follows:
    Upon legal request from a government agency, or when IZIHELP believes that such action is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal requirements,
    To protect IZIHELP and other third parties, We only provide account information and other personal information when we are confident that providing such information is in accordance with the law, protecting the rights and assets of users, IZIHELP, and other third parties.
    In other cases, IZIHELP will provide specific notice to individuals or organizations when it is necessary to disclose information to a third party, and this information will only be provided with the individual’s or organization’s consent.

    When providing personal information to third-party service providers affiliated with IZIHELP, IZIHELP will request that these partners commit to confidentiality in accordance with IZIHELP’s policy.

    In the event that individuals or organizations file complaints related to customer information security, IZIHELP will promptly conduct an investigation and verification. If it is proven to be true according to the individual’s or organization’s claim, IZIHELP will handle the matter promptly and in good faith. In case the parties cannot reach an agreement, it will be referred to the People’s Court with jurisdiction in Ho Chi Minh City for resolution.

    6.4. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:

    12/4C, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

    Phone: (08) 66 82 58 11

    Email: support@izihelp.com

    6.5. Changes to the privacy policy:
    IZIHELP reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, so please regularly monitor the policy. If there are significant changes to this policy, IZIHELP will directly notify individuals or organizations or announce them on the homepage, https://izihelp.com/